Which learning objectives and/or what content do you think are absolutely essential?

The historical background, the intro into how bias functions psychologically, the storytelling and perspective-taking are right on point.

What is missing? What do you think should be included that you did not see covered?

I’d like to see more QI-focused language. I’d like to see the planning tools we use in QI featured prominently (PDSAs, 30-60-90 day plans, prioritization matrices/Eisenhower tables). I think these are the actionable tools that teams may recognize from their existing work that can be used as a foundation for equity efforts.

What do you think should be handled differently or changed?

What other suggestions or ideas do you have?

A stronger foundation (or more resources) on more equitable and transparent data collection (stratification by race vs. controlling for race) within hospitals and how to discuss concerning outcomes with their colleagues.

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