Which learning objectives and/or what content do you think are absolutely essential?

Wow- this is so comprehensive, I can easily see a full 10 week course in Nursing School and Medical School using this outline!
There are really two “sets” of Objectives, one on pages 8-14 and another on pages 20-22. The second group are more concisely listed, and not always corresponding to the first set which includes more content, definition, and intent. All of this is GREAT to support the learning, and as my suggestions for the “absolutely essential” set will refer to the concise listing, clearly some of the excellent content in the first set of objectives will flesh out the finished course. Indeed, a one hour curriculum is a realistic and practicable timeframe for hospital employees. That said, I chose more items that reflect application and maintained hopefully adequate theory for my “essential set” suggestions:
SC.1 (b),(c) and it would be great if the final product actually prompts the “become curious about…” segment
SC.2 (b), (d)
SC.3 all
SC.4 (a), the downside of color-blind philosophy, (b), (e)
IRB.2 all, which incorporates IRB.1, I believe, just more actionable than theoretical
IRB.3 (a) and (b), which should accomplish the subsequent ‘Learners/Participants will be able to… ‘ sub-objective statements without restating them.
IRB.4 (a) and (c), and I would use the term “steps” or “actions” rather than plans. What we are going to achieve with this course is getting them thinking and moving in a better direction, continuously improving their interactions. I think it would be great if there was also a BRIEF “leadership guideline” with a few suggestions to help nurse leaders revisit and reinforce this with their staff team periodically after the initial education has been disseminated.
IL.1 using the second wording only rather than both, putting the onus on the learner to think about their own implicit bias
IL.2 this would be great as a video simulation excerpt within the learning module (corresponding to SC.1(b), and it would also be a great “on our unit” assignment for Nurse leaders to follow up with their team in realtime.


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