Which learning objectives and/or what content do you think are absolutely essential?

  1. Empower Providers to understand structural racism and develop their “structural competency”. Many learners are not aware of how historical systems play into structural racism.

What is missing? What do you think should be included that you did not see covered?

  1. Will “birthing people” be defined? Some have told me the term sounds robotic, and I had to explain it.
  2. Are there going to be a focus or slight mention on other minorities or ethnic groups?
  3. Power dynamics and organizational decision-making seems to be missing. Will there be information on power dynamics between patient and providers as well as how the organization makes decisions of who gets care and attentions) vs who does not?
  4. I also do not think I saw information about communicating more effectively across identities; including racial, ethnic, religious, and gender identities.

What do you think should be handled differently or changed?

I didn’t see how “Perspectives of diverse, local constituency groups/experts on particular racial, identity, cultural, & provider-community relations issues” was going to be addressed. If it is only reading or case scenarios, may I suggest a video. Videos tend to have much impact on people but to make sure to have audio for those with sight or hearing disabilities. Perhaps a blend of video and case scenarios to be inclusive of people with disabilities.

What other suggestions or ideas do you have?

The focus SHOULD be on black mothers and birthing people. This is very important. And at the same time this training allows us to bring focus to other ethnicities as well as the intersectionality of black mothers and birthing people. For instance a black lesbian couple, or a black mother who is deaf or hard of hearing. Can we bring these intersectionalities into the training as well?

Making sure the training is accessible for people with disabilities–either hearing, vision, or others.


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