Which learning objectives and/or what content do you think are absolutely essential?

Why this education is being provided. The background/historical perspective and accurate knowledge of the legacy of slavery and current discrimination. Examples and stories is important to identify and support the reality of beliefs and attitudes. Include general examples and tailored toward healthcare. The tools and strategies that providers can use to create change personally and at the system level is essential. Also providing tools to address it head on and not avoid talking about these issues.

What is missing? What do you think should be included that you did not see covered?

Understanding the relationship between social determinants of health and health disparities where chronic health conditions are correlated to social determinants. It is addressed somewhat in Appendix One: Listen for and Interrupt/Replace Biased Narratives and Aim for Structural Humility, but it is important to understand social determinants of health lead to chronic health conditions.

What other suggestions or ideas do you have?

These are comprehensive and complex issues to address in one one-hour module.
Provide other future learning opportunities and resources.
Consider a separate module for leaders/management to further lead discussion with staff and address staff concerns

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