Which learning objectives and/or what content do you think are absolutely essential?

I think that all of the learning objectives are foundational and build on integration of the content.

What is missing? What do you think should be included that you did not see covered?

The content does not provide opportunity to engage or interact with other services. Limiting to just the individual person or ‘site’ to have an affect is great and a huge step forward but can be fragmented. For example a health care practice or ‘provider office’ interacts with other systems such as hospitals or specialty practices. It would be great to have an objective(s) or at least some discussion about how to impact not just the individual practice but more of the systems that our clients/patients will interact with, such as a hospital (labor and delivery units and physicians that are available for care but also emergency rooms, urgent care, specialty services like ultrasound, etc.). How to engage at many levels and integrate services. Just a thought.

What other suggestions or ideas do you have?

This is a wonderful program and will hopefully be a foundation for learning now and building on for the future as more information becomes available. It will help to shape the future! I look forward to continuing to participate and grow!



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