Your experience matters. We created this space to share stories, learn together, and honor each of our lived experiences.

Stories build community and connect us. We value the opportunity for people to hear and appreciate each other’s stories, and gain a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of Black mothers and birthing people, and the providers who care for pregnant and postpartum people. We also recognize that this space may serve as a reminder that this issue lays heavy upon the shoulders of some more than others. We honor the gift of your story.

We hope that this space will be a resource to those who are working towards change. If desired, your story can be used in the development of training and resources for perinatal health care providers and ongoing research on health equity.


Use this simple form to tell your experience of receiving or giving care. You will be able to add a photo or decide to publish your story anonymously.

What to Expect:

When you submit your story, you will receive a confirmation and we may follow up with you if there are any edits for readability.

Your name, a photo (if you upload one), and your story will then be posted to the story board if you have approved it to be public.

Our values:

Our project team is committed to:

  • Continuing to raise awareness,
  • Hold up the lived experiences of those most affected by social inequities, in this case, Black mothers and birthing people.
  • Foster respect for the important contribution and unique circumstances healthcare professionals find themselves in.


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You are part of a community of people working towards change in Black maternal health. This is a space for you to learn from and connect to others.

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“While we are indeed fighting an uphill battle it is also entirely possible to achieve the goal of dignity and respect in childbirth and close the gap in outcomes experienced by Black birthing people.”

—Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH. Project director Eliminating Inequities in Perinatal Health Care Project


The Eliminating Inequities in Perinatal Health Care Project is focused on implicit bias and reproductive justice in pregnancy and childbirth. The project will provide free educational e-learning modules and resources on implicit bias and reproductive justice to eliminate inequities in perinatal health outcomes. This work is led by Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH, and Diversity Science, and is funded by the California Health Care Foundation in response to strong evidence of racial inequalities in perinatal care and outcomes.