Axcelle Bell

Project and Training Coordinator

Axcelle (pronouns: they/them or he/him/his) brings a background in education, facilitation, compassionate communication, critical theory, and project coordination. They have been facilitating difficult conversations and building bridges of understanding in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work informally for the past 9 years and formally for the last 6 years. They completed several independent and collaborative consulting projects and training curricula focused on individual, community, and social transformation for cooperative organizations.

They are in their last year of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Development at Prescott College, a degree which has informed and enriched their DEI practice. Some specific research interests include intergenerational trauma and social stress related to racism and LGBTQ identity, culturally specific psychoeducation for youth of color (especially Black/ African American youth, Latinx/ Chicanx youth, and First Nations youth), and strength-based models for social change and action. Axcelle loves to learn and write about community healing, transformation, resilience, and sustainability. They are interested in how to build diverse thriving communities, bridge differences in order to build solidarity, and helping participants adopt a systems perspective. They believe that awareness-raising and collective action can build social systems that allow all people have well-being and opportunity in their life. When not at work, Axcelle enjoys getting their hands in the dirt (gardening), running, and anything having to do with the water.